It’s not only the unique taste of Blackthorn’s Scottish Sea Salt Flakes, but the innovative method of creation that captures people’s attention. Once described as “A cross between Willy Wonka and Noah’s Ark” by James Martin on his cooking show.

Reviving an ancient thorn tower technique, pure West Coast seawater is gathered and evaporated on the world’s only working thorn tower. This method uses 85% less energy than traditional UK processes. The concentrated liquid is further reduced in the Pan House, where the salters use their skill and patience to draw off beautiful mineral-rich sea salt crystals.

The result is a sustainable, natural salt which crumbles with ease between your fingers. Each salt crystal is more beautiful than the last, with a deep and mellow sweetness that’s softer than ordinary salt. Acclaimed by Scotland's National Chef as being by far the best salt he has ever used. The flavour is pure, simple and clean.

Blackthorn’s award-winning Scottish Sea Salt Flakes are available in The Scottish Chef’s Selection and The Chef’s Larder Luxury Hampers.