Clootie McToot

A Clootie Dumpling. A delightful, Scottish fruit pudding that dates back to 1747. Like most puddings, a Clootie Dumpling starts by combining ingredients into the perfect consistency. But the unique thing about them is how they are cooked. The mixture is wrapped in a freshly boiled ‘Cloot’ (a Scottish word for ‘cloth’) and dusted with flour. This flour coating forms a delicious ‘skin’ on the outside of the dumpling after it has been cooked.

For Clootie McToot’s founder, Michelle, her inspiration, desire and passion for traditional Scottish cooking was ignited when her son asked her to bake for his local school fete. Using only the freshest ingredients, each Clootie Dumpling is made using a family recipe handed down through the generations. Each dumpling is simply divine when served hot with ice-cream or custard.

With Baxters of Scotland and Clootie McToot, you can make your own dumpling, memories and fun with the ‘Traditional Clootie Dumpling Kit’ and start a new tradition with your family and fill your home with the sweet aroma of Scottish baking.

Clootie McToot’s Traditional Clootie Dumpling Kit is available in The Lossie, The Findhorn, The Spey, The Scottish Chef’s Selection, and The Chef’s Larder Luxury Hampers.