Hand-crafted in the Highlands of Scotland, every single Darach product is made from vintage oak whisky barrels, sourced from Highland and Speyside distilleries. Each piece is unique and is a blend of tradition, durability, beauty and fine design.

Darach, the name coming from the Gaelic word meaning ‘oak’, maintain the character of the wood of the barrel and, with each cask already played a vital role in Scotland’s whisky industry, no two Darach pieces are the same.

For Baxters of Scotland, Darach has created a bespoke whisky glass holder featuring Baxters’ special 150th Anniversary Tartan, for our Luxury Hampers. Baxters of Scotland is also proud to feature a Darach chopping board, an essential item for a chef of any ability, which is available in The Scottish Chef’s Selection and The Chef’s Larder Luxury Hampers.