Highland Chocolatier

Home of the world’s best truffles, Highland Chocolatier uses only natural, fresh ingredients. The exquisite charm of Highland Chocolatier is the care and attention that goes into each and every chocolate. There are never any artificial preservatives or additives; only ingredients that enhance flavour and offer a taste sensation with every bite.

Iain Burnett created Highland Chocolatier in a small village in Perthshire. Famed for its dairies, berries, honey and natural beauty, Iain meticulously combines the freshest of ingredients, fruit infusions, and natural spices to create flavours and textures that delight the palate. This blends flawlessly with the fruity, aromatic and spicy characteristics of the sustainable, intense and rare cocoa, which is sourced from the volcanic island of São Tomé.

Inheriting his mother’s perfectionism and experimenting in his father’s kitchen, Iain Burnett first learned how to combine spices with local ingredients from their Scottish island home. After training under Master Chocolatiers of the French, Belgian and Swiss schools to develop his own unique style of chocolate making and his technically difficult pure Velvet Truffles®. His passion has been rewarded with over 40 national and international awards for Highland Chocolatier.

Iain has created two exclusive selections for us: a Gin pairing for our Scottish Gin hamper and; a Whisky pairing for our Whisky connoisseur hamper.