Cashmere and textiles have always been at the heart of the Scottish Borders. Once a booming - and world-famous - industry, Kinalba is on a mission to preserve this legacy by bringing it into the modern era.

Textile weaving and knitting is an artisanal craft that has existed for centuries. Using only the finest Inner Mongolian cashmere, Kinalba’s heritage is firmly rooted in traditional textile techniques, but with a contemporary style and design. Each piece is carefully and considerately designed, with a balance of colour and tones.

The name ‘Kinalba’ comes from the adjoining of two Scottish words: Kin (family) and Alba (Scotland). A name which perfectly represents what this brand is all about. Advocating for Scotland’s rich heritage and world-famous textile industry, while also being a family-centred business. Each person who buys from the company becomes a part of the Kinalba family, purpose and heritage.