The Wee Scottish Cider Company

Bursting with flavour and a depth of fruit intensity, Seidear is something different. It’s not cider; it’s Seidear.

Dipping into the heritage and history of Scottish castles, Seidear is made from freshly pressed apples from walled gardens across the North East of Scotland. These ancient orchards are bursting with apples that yield the most interesting, intense flavours. The famously cold Scottish climate, produces a naturally occurring acidity to the apples which helps with the fermentation process - and the walls surrounding the garden provide much-needed shelter from the wind.

Using a time-honoured artisan method of ‘keeving’, each batch is carefully and lovingly created. By allowing a slow fermentation in the bottle - Méthode Champenoise - the flavours are able to develop further. Excess pectins, yeast and sediments are removed after ‘riddling’ the bottle; leaving only the purest, most refined cider behind.

The process is long and it takes between 1-2 years to make, but the results are worth waiting for. You are rewarded with a rich, full-bodied apple flavour that can turn even ‘non-cider drinkers’ into the most avid enthusiasts.