Wild Hearth Bakery

Wild Hearth Bakery sits on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. As the name suggests, this artisanal bakery uses wood-fired techniques to bake the most delightful, natural and authentic produce – with reconditioned World War Two Nissen Huts and a state-of-the-art oven which is fired exclusively using waste wood from timber milling.

Each loaf of bread and array of pastries is slowly and carefully crafted by hand, using only organic flours and wild “starters” for the optimum depth of flavour, balance and lightness. Some loaves of bread have a gentle acidity, while others have no detectable sourness.

For Baxters of Scotland’s collection, Wild Hearth Bakery has created a fantastic Whisky Stollen Bread. Within each bake, the preserved fruit has been made in-house to ensure a top-quality treat for everyone who tastes it.

Wild Hearth Bakery’s Whisky Stollen Bread is available in The Spey Luxury Hamper.

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