Meet the maker: Gin Bothy

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Gin Bothy, founded by Kim Cameron, is based in Glamis, Angus. The small-batch maker prides itself on its connection to the Scottish glens with a principle of respect for mountain, river and farm.

Using traditional production methods and poured by hand, local ingredients of fresh Scottish berries, rhubarb and other ingredients found in the outdoors, such as pine needles, heather and other botanicals, are collected to create beautiful fruit-infused gins.


Gin Bothy's Speycast Infused Gin


Gin Bothy's gins are made following Scotland's seasonal calendar, using seasonal produce grown locally, and 100% natural fruit from nearby farms is used to craft their fruit liqueurs, supporting Angus' rural economy and reducing food miles. Kim also has a relationship with the Woodland Trust, having donated proceeds to preserve and restore woodland as well as working together on a reforestation plan to offset their carbon footprint. 

Gin Bothy's unique Speycast Infused Gin and rich Sloe Infused Liqueur miniature (5cl) products are proudly featured in our Juniper Tipple, Ness, and Tay, alongside other special Scottish artisanal items.

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