• "Just perfect"

    "My purchase from Baxters of Scotland arrived and it's just perfect. I know the recipients will love it. It's so difficult to find a hamper that looks special."

    ~ B. Jack, United Kingdom

  • "We like the connection"

    "We like the connection Baxters of Scotland makes with small family businesses and helping to promote jobs and support independent traders by boosting their visibility. It would be great to see more of these."

    ~ K. Galloway, K&N Travel

  • "Excellent"

    "The curation, presentation and range within Baxters of Scotland's hampers was excellent."

    ~ K. Dorren, Parsley Box

  • "Good value for the money"

    "Received a Baxters of Scotland hamper from my parents as a Christmas gift and will recommend to my friends. Good value for the money, really enjoyed the chocolates and malt!"

    ~ P. Jamieson, United Kingdom

  • "Really nice, well packed and lots of nice goodies"

    "Really enjoyed the Baxters of Scotland hamper that was purchased by our employer for staff gifts. I would recommend to friends and would purchase to send as a gift to someone else. Overall thoughts: really nice, well packed and lots of nice goodies!"

    ~ K. Gallacher, United Kingdom

  • "Just beautiful"

    "The overall thought of the Baxters of Scotland hamper is just beautiful. Soups are my favourite items and the big red box is great to reuse for storage!"

    ~ J. James, United Kingdom

"The perfect Christmas treat for all of our staff"

"The Baxters of Scotland hampers were the perfect Christmas treat for all of our staff at Connect Appointments, from the point they received them, everyone was excited to get stuck in and find out what was inside. Once they had a chance to explore all of the products, they were so pleased to find that they were all from Scottish small businesses, and even more excited to get their hands on some nostalgic sweets and treats. A number of staff let us know that they particularly enjoyed finding out more about the businesses behind the products and that this made the hamper even more special."

~ G. Harper, Connect Appointments

  • "Good range of quality products"

    "Baxters of Scotland offers a good range of quality products in the hamper. Really enjoyed the clootie dumpling kit. The big red hamper box made for a good tool storage box in my garage."

    ~ C. Graham, United Kingdom

  • "Excellent standard"

    "Excellent standard from Baxters of Scotland with quality products. Especially loved the Iain Burnett chocolates. The hamper box is perfect to store my Christmas tree decorations in."

    ~ D. Stevenson, United Kingdom

  • "Absolutely amazing"

    "The Baxters of Scotland hamper is absolutely amazing and is perfect as it is. Really enjoyed the whisky. Loved it!"

    ~ C. Birds, United Kingdom

  • "Will be buying from Baxters of Scotland again"

    "My overall thoughts: beautiful and easily handled a special request. Used the red hamper box as a memory box - like a time capsule with family. Will be buying from Baxters of Scotland again."

    ~ L. Wylie, United Kingdom

  • "Loved the look and design"

    "Received the Baxters of Scotland hamper as a gift from work for Christmas and enjoyed the conserve, coffee and Lemon Melts - all great! Loved the look and design of the hamper box. We have repurposed the red box as a gift wrapping/gift bag box. Very handy! Thank you for your beautiful hamper."

    ~ M. Poole, United Kingdom

"Eclectic selection of premium products"

"Fabulous! Eclectic selection of premium products. Love the red box! It has become the cat's favourite sleeping box and she refuses to go anywhere else! The website was so easy to navigate and the whole process from ordering to delivery was seamless. Thanks to Baxters of Scotland again for predictable and consistent service. Much appreciated."

~ G. Mathieson, United Kingdom

  • "Will recommend to friends and family"

    "Great as a treat. Lovely white wine - went down well with everyone. The big red Baxters of Scotland box is reused as a toy chest for my daughter. Will recommend to friends and family."

    ~ D. Kinney, United Kingdom

  • "High-quality hamper"

    "Well-balanced and high-quality hamper from Baxters of Scotland. Quality product at a reasonable price and well-received as a Christmas present."

    ~ B. Paton, United Kingdom

  • "Lovely gift"

    "Made my Christmas. Was a lovely gift - excellent and beautifully presented! I loved the big red Baxters of Scotland box and I have placed all my breakable Christmas decorations in it. Will be buying again."

    ~ S. Fitzhenry, United Kingdom

  • "Attractively presented"

    "The Baxters of Scotland hamper is attractively presented and I was happy with everything included! Especially enjoyed the Lemon Melts. I've kept the red box, as I find it durable and useful."

    ~ H. Fleming, United Kingdom

  • "Offering is definitely unique"

    "Love the presentation of the Baxters of Scotland hamper. Would like to see the individual numbering of the hamper or change the embossing to say "of 500" vs. "/500". The offering is definitely unique. Limited collaborations, like the one with Trakke make them very appealing for certain demographics!"

    ~ K. Fang, United States

  • "Well appreciated"

    "I liked the selections available and variety of price ranges from Baxters of Scotland. I sent it as a gift and all items were well appreciated."

    ~ V. Jalufka, United Kingdom

"Very interesting items"

"I just want to thank you fine folks again. I'm from the United States and your team worked to help me get this product. I'm a huge Trakke fan, so I was delighted to be able to pick up these exquisite items! I thought the Baxters of Scotland hamper had a lot of very interesting items! It has been a treat sampling over the past couple of weeks."

~ K. Holloway, United States

  • "Quality products"

    "Baxters of Scotland offers a really lovely, nice mix of quality products. Loved the champagne."

    ~ L. Birds, United Kingdom

  • "Wonderful gift to receive"

    "Beautiful hamper and a wonderful gift to receive. I've always known the brand. Absolutely beautiful hamper from Baxters of Scotland."

    ~ J. McAlister, United Kingdom

  • "Very nice mix of products"

    "Lovely gift. Gorgeous cashmere socks from Kinalba in the Baxters of Scotland hamper. Enjoyed the gin samples. Very nice mix of products."

    ~ P. Murphy, United Kingdom

  • "Very nicely organised"

    "I buy Baxters products and the Baxters of Scotland hamper is very nicely organised. Perhaps more fresh contents? I especially enjoyed the whisky and the delicious lemon biscuits."

    ~ V. Deman, United Kingdom

  • "Very pleased with my purchase"

    "My health prevented me from visiting family at Christmas, so the hamper was a last-minute treat for myself. I was very pleased with my purchase. The Baxters of Scotland whisky is lovely and probably my favourite product from the hamper."

    ~ P. Capstick, United Kingdom

  • "Great hamper"

    "Very well put together. Loved the Trakke apron. Great hamper from Baxters of Scotland."

    ~ A. Woodman, United States