Top 5 Gift Hampers for your Boyfriend or Husband

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The Best Easy Present Ideas for my Boyfriend Husband

National Boyfriend Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love and appreciation for your significant other. Why not show your affection with a high-end artisan gift hamper?

Hampers are the perfect present for any occasion thanks to their versatility and thoughtfulness. Each of our presents even includes a complimentary greetings card that you can personalise with your own message for that added touch.

So without further ado, here is our roundup of our Top 5 Gift Hampers for him (whether him is your boyfriend, husband, partner, or friend):


The Great Glen Hamper

Gift Hampers for Him Great Glen

Charmingly presented in a classic wicker hamper, The Great Glen is a true masterpiece that’s made for sharing with that special someone.

Raise a toast with a champagne or Gordon Castle Gin and savour a variety of delectable treats including pickles, honey and fudge (perhaps not all on the same plate!)

This delightful assortment is a celebration in itself and is perfect for creating an unforgettably romantic memory.

£199 | Qualifies for free delivery | Contains 17 items



The Scottish Pantry Hamper

Best Gifts for Him Scottish Pantry

They often say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so making sure his shelves are stocked is surely a close second!

The Scottish Pantry is the ideal gift hamper for the home chef, or for anyone who’s moving into a new home.

This culinary treasure trove is packed with an array of foodstuffs and cooking ingredients; it even features a wooden spoon and spurtle making it both a thoughtful and practical gift.

£85 | Includes 19 items.



The Spey Hamper

Boyfriend Husband Birthday Gift Ideas The Spey

The Spey is an extraordinary hamper made with those extra special celebrations in mind. Filled with a grand total of twenty-six delightful items, to say it is a treasure trove would be an understatement.

The generously sized red box it arrives in is bound to brighten his day when you give it to him.

The hamper contains everything from conserves, pickles and biscuits to whisky, champagne and wines. This vast variety within it makes it the perfect centrepiece for a group gathering such as an important birthday celebration.

£295 | Qualifies for free delivery | Includes 19 items



The Lossie Gift Hamper

Best Gifts for my Boyfriend Husband Lomond

The Lossie is a heartfelt gift for the man who appreciate the finer things in life. Nestled inside this beautiful hamper, you’ll discover a bottle of exquisite single malt Scottish whisky whose smooth and rich flavours are a testament to Scotland’s proud distilling heritage.

Accompanying this liquid gold, you’ll find a selection of decedent chocolates, a medley of sweet conserves and a unique Venison, Sloe Gin and Juniper soup. Your loved one will greatly enjoy being able to try each of The Lossie’s different items.

£145 | Includes 9 items



The Lomond

Best Gifts for my Boyfriend Husband Lomond

Good things come in small packages, and The Lomond is no exception to that rule. This gift box has been built with variety and value for money in mind.

When your loved one opens this box, he’ll be greeted with a great variety of delectable jams, zesty relishes, sweet confections and more.

There’s a great range of different items within The Lomond – if you play your cards right, he might even share some of the contents with you!

£70 | Includes 10 items


Whether its for National Boyfriend Day, a birthday or even just because – we’re sure that the man in your life will greatly enjoy your token of affection and it will make his day even more special. Explore our website today to find the perfect present that suits your loved one.