From an unfulfilling degree in graphic design to creating a brand that champions sustainability, it’s inspiring to see how far Trakke has come. In fact, when Alex Farmer first started producing canvas bags, he wanted to recycle and reuse material, so was often found rummaging through skips.

12 years later, the process might be more refined, but the concept has remained the same: to provide wax canvas products that look fantastic, are sustainably sourced, Scottish-made and last forever. 

This is what Trakke call “sustainability through longevity”. The idea being that manufacturing bags and accessories takes a lot of energy and resources, but once they are made, they can last forever. That’s why Trakke continues to use recycled materials, offcuts to make repairs, and provide a lifelong guarantee on their products.

All products are handmade in Scotland - and wherever possible, the materials are British too. This means less distance, fewer emissions, and less shipping, while  also allowing them to support manufacturers in the UK.

Trakke has worked with Baxters of Scotland to create two unique products for the Scottish Chef’s Selection Luxury Hamper: a top of the line Chef Apron and a knife roll. Made with material that is 45% nettle fibre and woven in Dundee, both products were extensively consulted on by Baxters' in-house Chef, Darren Sivewright, to ensure form and function were fine tuned for all Chefs.

So whatever your cooking style, chaotic or orderly, these products will be the perfect accessory for your kitchen escapades.