Meet the maker: Shortbread House of Edinburgh

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Priding itself on doing things properly, Shortbread House of Edinburgh is home to sweet and buttery Scottish shortbread that is handmade by their small team of skilled bakers using the very finest ingredients to ensure a superior taste, texture and appearance.

The family behind Shortbread House of Edinburgh is one with a strong baking tradition. Over 30 years ago, Anthony Laing and his wife Fiona decided to make the most of the Laing family's generations of baking experience and bought a one-woman business in Scotland's historic capital. Anthony and Fiona then made the business a family affair by kitting out all-three children with oversized overalls so they could join their parents in the bakery.

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Continuously trying to reduce their impact on the environment, the award-winning Shortbread House of Edinburgh has also recently stopped using plastic trays in some of their products and made their packaging smaller (but kept their quantities the same!) to reduce their use of cardboard which allows for more efficient deliveries.

Shortbread House of Edinburgh’s delicious shortbread is proudly featured in our Maree, Tay, Scottish Pantry, Christmas Banquet, and Afternoon Tea, alongside other special Scottish artisanal items.

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