Meet the maker: Deerness Distillery

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Deerness Distillery on the Orkney Islands was founded in 2016 by Stuart and Adelle Brown, built on land next to their family home with views of Copinsay and the surrounding sea. Specialising in premium spirits and liqueurs, the distillery was Orkney’s first new distillery in over 132 years.

The self-built distillery, one of only a few in Britain, is home to two 300-litre stills for their gin and vodka, one 30-litre still for their bespoke spirits, and one 5-litre still for their new developments.

Their multi award-winning signature spirit, Into The Wild Vodka, is carefully crafted by the distillery’s master distiller using only the finest ingredients to ensure a top-tier spirit that is smooth to taste with a clean, crisp finish that leaves your palate craving more.

Deerness Distillery Into The Wild Vodka with glasses


About working together with Baxters of Scotland, Deerness Distillery’s managing director, Stuart, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with such a prestigious company as Baxters of Scotland and love the idea of food and drink combination, which offers customers a special Scottish gift.”

The small, family-run business strives to be as sustainable as possible, from growing their own botanicals for using to create their Orcadian spirits and composting spent botanicals to using recycled packaging and implementing sustainable practice and improvements.

Deerness Distillery’s Into The Wild Vodka is proudly featured in our Bullshot, alongside Baxters’ rich and warming Chef Selections Beef Consommé and McIlhenny Co.’s handcrafted Tabasco Brand Original Red Sauce.