Meet the maker: Summerhouse Drinks

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Using only natural ingredients and traditional production techniques, Summerhouse Drinks' Raspberry Lemonade is handcrafted on the Rennie family farm near Fraserburgh in the north-east of Scotland.

Made with juicy Scottish raspberries and British-grown beet sugar, the all-natural zingy and tangy flavour combines perfectly with refreshing, slightly sparkling Scottish water.

Summerhouse Drinks' Raspberry Lemonade


The Rennie's north-east farm is also home to their very own walled garden where they grow fresh mint, lavender and other herbs and botanicals which are used in Summerhouse Drinks' range of flavours. As well as crafting delicious and quality products, Claire and her team of fizzicists and top tasters are conscious of nature nearby, having worked closely with the RSPB for many years to protect their population of corn buntings.

Summerhouse Drinks' fruity Raspberry Lemonade is proudly featured in our Maree, alongside five other special Scottish artisanal items.

The Maree, £49